yes, there was an issue with the app earlier today with validating new will continue to work if you have already validated an account, but if you buy a new service, you will need the latest update that I posted earlier today.  Pls just uninstall your current version and re install the latest from either direct download  ( )  or using filelinked and you will be good to go.

How to install Filelinked?  Filelink is the easiest way for Android users to get access to TDShost's App and other goodies.

Please find below links to youtube video's for installing "Filelinked" to an android and fire devices.

After you install the filelinked, pls use CODE:  10990435  to find all the apks that I recommend  (depending on the service you are getting) especially the TDShost App which works with all our services (urls are embedded)

Android Install:

Fire Device Install:

Remember, the Code for my apks is    10990435

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

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